About my writing

As a writer I am driven by a desire to share my passion for science, social health, and food (food is life).

I worked as a freelance journalist for New England Public Radio, where I began as a reporter intern and digital media intern. I was a AAAS Mass Media Fellow at The Philadelphia Inquirer and a contributor to the Journal of Experimental Biology (Outside JEB, Inside JEB). 

I have published an entry in Macmillan Reference's Discoveries in Modern Science on trophic ecology, a piece for the UMass Amherst Graduate Program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology website, and a story in the February 2015 issue of Natural History Magazine. I have also worked as a science writing intern for the University of Massachusetts Office of News & Media Relations. In 2014, I was chosen as a SICB Annual Meeting Science Journalism Intern (the article I wrote on fruit fly mating preference for the SICB internship can be found here), and I later wrote a press release for one of their subsequent meetings on a physiological costs of eating in snakes (oxidative damage) .  I've even written about tiny propulsion systems for miniature satellites (the magnificence of mini!), for the Science Writers 2015 conference at MIT. 

My scientific interests are far-reaching, but my specialties include evolutionary ecology, physiology, reproductive biology, trophic interactions, animal locomotion, and sexual selection. 

NEPR (selected stories)


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