Lizard survey, laser lizard, crabs, and poop!

No, really. It's all in the title. Things are getting pretty exciting down here in Florida!


The male green anole above is doing one of my favorite things that they do.

He is pooping off that palm leaflet.

At first he is just soaking up the glorious morning sun. All of a sudden, he has to do his lizard business. So he scooches his pelvis to the side of the leaflet, dangling a leg off in the process, and lets his feces drop to the forest floor. No reason to make a mess on his basking perch. Brilliant.

I've often wondered if this is an antipredatory strategy, or has some other fitness benefit, as I've seen many green anoles do this, but I haven't had the time to test the hypothesis (or even really spend that much time researching it - perhaps that will be my next thesis topic...).