About Me

I am a writer driven by a desire to share my passion for science, social health, and food (food is life). I live in, and love, Philadelphia.

I have worked as a science writer and a freelance journalist, covering topics from news and health to parasitism and astronautics. I have written for New England Public Radio, The Philadelphia Inquirer (as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow), Natural History Magazine, the news section of Journal of Experimental Biology, and more. When it comes to science, I’ll write about almost anything.

I am wild about public radio. I had the great pleasure of working as a freelance journalist and a news and digital media intern at New England Public Radio. Along with reporting, I created and produced content for an online and on-air series of lectures recorded at local colleges, and edited and mixed audio for podcasts, broadcast, and archive.

I have a doctorate in evolutionary ecology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My academic research focused on evolutionary ecology, physiology, reproductive biology, trophic interactions, animal locomotion, and sexual selection. My scientific interests are far-reaching.




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