About Me

I am a writer driven by a desire to share my passion for science, social health, and food (food is life). I live in, and love, Philadelphia.

I have worked as a science writer and a freelance journalist, covering topics from news and health to parasitism and astronautics. I have written for New England Public Radio, The Philadelphia Inquirer (as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow), Natural History Magazine, the news section of Journal of Experimental Biology, and more. When it comes to science, I’ll write about almost anything.

I am wild about public radio. I had the great pleasure of working as a freelance journalist and a news and digital media intern at New England Public Radio. Along with reporting, I created and produced content for an online and on-air series of lectures recorded at local colleges, and edited and mixed audio for podcasts, broadcast, and archive.

I have a doctorate in evolutionary ecology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My academic research focused on evolutionary ecology, physiology, reproductive biology, trophic interactions, animal locomotion, and sexual selection. 




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